About the Heartland Cafe

Heartland Cafe has been a strong voice in food, politics and community since 1976. We are the “Heart of Rogers Park” and the home to birthdays, first dates and families and friends gathering to share a meal, a beer and a story. We are the home to political gatherings, live music, spoken word poetry and a weekly radio show. We host political canvassing, voter registration and work hard to encourage civic engagement with our neighbors.

Since the beginning, Heartland has been a leader in vegetarian cuisine in Chicago. We believe in providing delicious food that anyone can eat. You will find plenty of creative and unique vegan and vegetarian dishes on our menu and we are very sensitive and able to handle food allergies and all sorts of eating styles and diets. While we do serve some meat, it is consciously sourced and carefully curated and always kept separate in our kitchen. There is no sharing of pans, grill or fryers between meat and meatless dishes. We also keep gluten and gluten-free dishes separated, as well.

Heartland was owned and operated by its founders, Michael James and Katy Hogan, until 2012. They sold the restaurant and the legacy to organic farmer Tom Rosenfeld. Tom’s farm, Earth First Farms is a certified organic fruit and vegetable farm in Berrien Center, MI, about 110 miles from Heartland’s front door. Earth First Farms supplies produce in season and apples and apple cider throughout the year until they run out!

Heartland is also a natural foods grocery Market, serving the neighbors of Rogers Park with 100% organic produce, plenty of other organic options, cooking ingredients for lots of alternative diets and featuring many local providers.

The Heartland Bar is a live music venue featuring live music and events nightly.