Welcome to Heartland Cafe

The Heartland Cafe has been serving up good vegetarian food for our community since 1976.  We invite you to explore our world.  The restaurant has inside dining and a wonderful patio during warm weather.  A cozy restaurant bar is also available for seating and dining with the full menu.  Check out our natural food market on the way in to the restaurant.  You can find organic produce, direct from farm dairy, eggs, meat and other items.  Products made in Chicago and the midwest line our shelves.  You can place to go orders in the store, including our full line-up of custom juices and smoothies, made with all organic produce!  Or walk around the corner and come see a show in our live music venue!  Open mic on Mondays, spoken word open mic on wednesdays and shows the rest of the week.

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OneLove / The Amoreys / Katherine Ziobro: “Summertime” @ The Heartland Cafe
Jun 21 @ 7:30 pm – 11:30 pm
OneLove / The Amoreys / Katherine Ziobro: "Summertime" @ The Heartland Cafe

Come rock with us at Episode 6 of #OneLoveAtHeartland! For the month of June, the title and theme of the night will be “Summertime,” in honor of the Summer Solstice, the end of the academic year, Juneteenth, and life itself!

Show up on time to catch the opening of the show and stick around till the end if you wanna hop in on the open jams/ciphers!

Our Chicago feature will be The AMOREYS, a “for peace” band out of Chicago all about spreading the love by any means necessary. From Blues to Funk, Folk, and Jazz, they bring a little bit of everything to lift your spirits, make you dance, and make you think (kinda like another local band we know 😉

For our Rogers Park Spotlight we are stoked to bring out Katherine Ziobro. Katherine is not only a brilliant singer-songwriter, she is also the DJ and curator for WLUW’s radio show “Inside The Kettle,” featuring Roger’s Park musicians. A poet as well as a singer and musician, she brings her whole heart and mind together on stage for a powerful experience.

As always your house musicians will be your friendly neighborhood social justice folk-rock/funk band, Adam Gottlieb & OneLove. With danceable music and lyrics directly inspired by current struggles for social justice, OneLove offers songs to the soundtrack of our revolution. Because the band’s message is for everyone, the musical repertoire intentionally crosses many genres to create musical experiences with something for everyone.

See you there!

In One Ear @ The Heartland Cafe
Jun 27 @ 9:00 pm – 11:45 pm

Chicago’s 3rd longest-running open mic show, In One Ear, is moving back to its old home in the Heartland Cafe dining room for one night only!

In One Ear’s mission is to support the arts and its culture, as well as promoting healthier forms of self expression and connections within the community. In One Ear is an inviting and supportive mix of people that come from all walks of life. Through various ages and skill sets, everyone comes together for the sole purpose of sharing their art with those that will listen. Come out and listen to everyones stories!

9pm / $3

Kites and Boomerangs at The Heartland Cafe @ The Heartland Cafe
Jun 29 @ 9:00 pm – 1:00 am
Kites and Boomerangs at The Heartland Cafe @ The Heartland Cafe

Kites and Boomerangs is an uplifting, eclectic-Indie Rock rock band whose musical concoction mixes a little bit of everything, but mainly stays true to the Indie Rock style with occasional funk additives.